Online Safety Training Center

Welcome to the Online Training Center. A username and password are required for access. Please contact your System Administrator if you don't have either one.

This training program is very simple to use. Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Click on the Training Center Link to begin your training.

  2. Log On with your username and password that has been provided to you.

  3. Your training is listed to the left, please click on a title to begin.

The results of your test will be sent to the System Administrator. 

At the main screen select the (Go to Classroom) tab. You will see either a blue or red dot as shown below. Blue is current assignment and Red indicates an overdue assignment.

 20130601 - June Training (Current Assignment)

 Driver Orientation (Overdue Assignment)


Click on the dot and it will expand into sub categories. Click on a sub-category and it will show video icons. You will need to clink on an icon to play video. While the video plays take notes because there will be a quiz following the video. Write down your answers as you take the quiz. Failure to meet the standard acceptable score will mean you must watch the video again and retake the quiz. You will be shown your incorrect answers. Write them down to use when you retake the quiz. Once you have passed the quiz it will no longer be available in your assignments. You have until the end of each month to complete your assignments.

In addition to the monthly assignments there is a button for resources. When you select resources you see items with a green dot. A resource is for informational viewing that can be viewed anytime and there is no quiz. Truck One will be adding informational and training videos for your use at any time to the resource area on a regular basis. Your current month assignment will be available in resources as well so do not get them confused with the assignments.


If you need technical assistance
please call 877-792-3866 Ext 300
Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm central time.